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  1. Lighthouse Payment Services is a provider of bank-branded lockbox payment processing solutions. We offer both Wholesale lockbox service, Retail lockbox service, or a blend of both if required.  Our major market segments are in the resources section of our website.
  2. Our service is tailored for those who don’t have the volume to get the attention of larger providers.  This is because we don’t have payment minimums and we don’t turn clients away because their needs may be more complex than other providers are willing to handle. Comparatively, other lockbox processors focus on their larger clients, neglecting the needs of smaller businesses which often get overlooked, whereas Lighthouse Payment Services will meet these needs and make sure that the proper attention and quality service is given to our client, regardless of their size.
  3. With Lighthouse Payment Services, all images and data are available real-time, via the Internet, to support customer servicing needs.  We use the latest lockbox processing technology to process remittances.  Moreover, we commit to same-day processing, which maximizes cash flow and the availability of client funds.  Our service also reduces the burden of in-house accounts receivable processing, enabling our lockbox customers to perform other tasks such as those that are important to fulfilling core responsibilities or servicing customers.
  4. If you’re a bank looking to start lockbox service, outsource your in-house lockbox processing, or migrate away from another lockbox service provider, please go to the Banks and Credit Unions page and fill out the form. One of our representatives will be in touch to discuss how Lighthouse Payment Services can add value to your cash management or loan operations program.
  5. If you’re a business who would like to contract with us directly, we will provide you with a free price quote based on your current lockbox and bank fees, in writing.  All you need to do is to provide us with your lockbox payment volumes.  Go to the Request Quote page and complete the required information.  We will have a quote out to you shortly.  Additionally, you may request to have information and a brochure sent to you.

Partner with a leader in lockbox remittance processing.


Lighthouse Payments Services is a third-party provider of bank-branded lockbox service. We offer both wholesale lockbox service and retail lockbox service as well as many other solutions designed to benefit your cash management clients.


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