Invoice & Account Matching

Our invoice and account matching solutions enable clients to automatically and systematically match incoming payments to outstanding invoices, which greatly improves payment processing efficiency.  The system can also retain manual invoice matching activities on the fly and apply those payment rules going forward, decreasing the amount of manual activity over time.

With account matching, Lighthouse can also significantly cut down on the manual effort surrounding the new customer on-boarding process.  We accomplish this by matching customer data points provided by the lockbox customer via an upload file, to incoming payments. We can then send a file of those customer data points along with their actual payment activity back to the lockbox customer.

For example, non-profits could upload customer information for upcoming acquisition campaigns.  Later, as Lighthouse processes aquisition campaign responses, we automatically append name, address, email and phone information to incoming donations records.   We then send these augmented records to the non-profit to import into their donor campaign system.  By incorporating donor information in with the payment record, we’ve effectively fully automated the on-boarding of new donors for the non-profit.

To learn more about how we can augment a lockbox relationship with our Invoice and Account Matching service, call or email Lighthouse Payment Services

Invoice and Account Matching - Invoices Paid in Full

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