EBPP Portal

Electronic Bill Pay Presentment (EBPP Portal)

With our EBPP Portal service, lockbox customers can offer a web-based payment option for your bill payers for even quicker updates to accounts receivable. In addition to remitting bill payments through conventional mail-based means, bill payers could choose to log into a payment portal branded with the lockbox client’s name and logo to view historical invoices and pay invoices electronically.

Bill payers input their checking account routing number and checking account number, then input the amount they wish to pay and submit payment. An eCheck is immediately drafted and included in the same image cash letter as the lockbox payments, and the payment record is sent to the client in the same AR file as their lockbox payments for fully automated updating of accounts receivable.

A web based payment option better aligns with bill payer expectations, speeds up cash flow, and eliminates the risk of payments being lost in the mail.

Electronic Bill Pay Presentment (EBPP) is perfect for property managers and municipalities, and eChecks are a much more economical electronic payment option as compared to other channels. Additionally, credit card and debit card payment options are currently in development and should be available at a later date.

EBPP Portal Man Paying Bills - Lighthouse Payment Services

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