EOB to 835 EDI Conversion

Lighthouse Payments Services simplifies the EOB to 835 EDI conversion process by offering EOBX along with your healthcare lockbox.  Our solutions, powered by Big Data Healthcare, offer the convenience of capturing and batching the received images in preparation for conversion to manufactured ANSI 835 file format for auto-posting.


EOBX creates ANSI 835 files or customized formats that can be auto-posted into the existing Patient Accounting, Practice Management, HIS, and Document Management System


We can categorize and split remittance files based on Tax ID, NPI, Institutional, Professional, Payer, Billing System,and other fields as needed.


We also offer 835 to EFT Automated Reconciliation. We can automatically reconcile deposits from your bank’s NACHA or BAI2 file to your 835 files.


FUSE payment and remittance automation solution provides a customizable transaction intelligence dashboard and portal for healthcare providers.


Automate the importing of EOBs and PDFs from Payer Portals and Clearinghouses by enabling our automation solution “AutoPort”


By expediting cash posting and access to working capital, and eliminating the manual keying of paper EOBs and patient payments, we enable your FTE resources to work on revenue generating tasks, denials, underpayments and follow up

Retail Lockbox Service - Paying Bills

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Lighthouse Payments Services is a third-party provider of bank-branded lockbox service. We offer both wholesale lockbox service and retail lockbox service as well as many other solutions designed to benefit your cash management clients.


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