Retail Lockbox Service

Our Retail Lockbox Service provide state of the art image-based services. All documents are imaged and these images are made available to the client SAME day via our web based online access. Key attributes of our services are:
We utilize a fully image based processing environment.  Because we process off the images, not the paper, you’re assured that image quality is 100%.
We can process documents from standard check size up to legal size.  We image both the front and back, so clients always have access to anything that is on the back of the document.
No need to change; we can support remittance statement design as it currently exists, we can read the scan line no matter where it’s printed on the remittance document, we can support any check digit routine, and we will provide a AR file in any format your clients require.
Online exception item processing enable clients to leverage our real-time system and repair payments on the fly, minimizing rejects and maximizing cash flow.
All transactions and all images are available online for up to seven years, and clients may authorize access for as many users as needed.
If clients need to keep data for longer, we can provide a CD-ROM with all transactions and images on a periodic schedule.  Clients can search transactions and bring up images just as they can with the online system.
All of our deposits are image-based and all deposits are made the same day no matter where in the United States your bank is located.
Retail Lockbox Service - Paying Bills

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Lighthouse Payments Services is a third-party provider of bank-branded lockbox service. We offer both wholesale lockbox service and retail lockbox service as well as many other solutions designed to benefit your cash management clients.


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