Remote Lockbox Service

Remote Lockbox Service takes RDC to the next level, as Lighthouse Payment Services can also assist with the backend responsibilities of ensuring every remotely scanned item appears in the same AR import as your customers’ other lockbox payments.  Your customers scan transactions into their lockbox, and later in the day they’ll receive an AR import file with the prerequisite customer or invoice information corresponding to those transactions.

Furthermore, our Remote Lockbox Service also enables customers to leverage exception item processing for remotely scanned items. Because all over-the-counter payments are scanned into the same payment stream as mail in remittance, images of both payment channels are accessible via their lockbox web interface.  As a result, researching over the counter transactions much more effective, since they’ll be listed right along with conventional lockbox transactions.

Conventional lockbox customers that receive a lot of over the counter payments (such as municipalities and healthcare providers) are prime candidates for remote lockbox.  If you think you have customers that might benefit from our remote lockbox service implementation, let us know and we’d be happy to discuss options!

In addition to being a lockbox service provider for banks, Lighthouse can also serve as your bank Remote Deposit Capture vendor as well.  We can deposit your customer’s checks electronically, saving them a trip to the bank!

Remote Lockbox Service - Woman with Check

Remote lockbox service is perfect for clients with many over the counter payments.  Click below to get in touch with us today!


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Lighthouse Payments Services is a third-party provider of bank-branded lockbox service. We offer both wholesale lockbox service and retail lockbox service as well as many other solutions designed to benefit your cash management clients.


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